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Retromazing book/magazine find: Retro Gamer collection vol.2

Why at Barnes and Noble today, I stumbled upon something while parusing the game magazine section. A book entitled "Retro Gamer collection" what really caught my eye though was the cover.

All those sprites made me a little giddy inside. So I picked it up and noticed, It was a Uk import meaning that it was $23.50 plus tax.($22 if you're a B&N member!) But, despite this looking on the inside revealed full page spreads of some classic games and the retro inside of me forced me too buy it. Was it worth it? Depends, it has some cool features and I loved seeing classic titles blown up over a two pages. Some cool things are the making of Banjo Kazooie and the pages the talks about Starfox 2. So if you can find it, love retro and have the money to splurge pick it up. Sadly, since this was vol.2 things like profiles of the SNESand genesis are not present so I'm gonna assume they are in part 1. It's about 255 pages so it pretty large but some pages are just a picture (ex.Mortal Kombat logo).

Here are some other sections I thought were interesting,
The history of Mortal Kombat
Before they were famous ( Final fantasy creator made rad racer??)
SNK history
Development of monkey island
The four definitive articles ( Detailing every incarnations of a particular games like all 21 versions of Frogger)
The identify all the sprites on the cover

(Note: I lol'd at this page)
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