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And the Winrar of a stack of PC Games is....

So, as few of you know, I've been into astrology and tarot since a really young age. Needless to say, I have quite a few tarot decks. For today's random selection, I decided to go with one of my new decks, the Corto Maltese Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo (that make a lot of nice decks)

Now the post count starts at 0, but there's one repeat post before the winner. Thus,

0 (card 1) + 62 (the rest of the 63) + 1 (adjustment for the repeat post), the winner is post #63, Shawnzzy.

Congratulations! Message me your mailing address.

Forfeit if...
a) If you live outside the states you'll have to agree to pay anything over a 10 dollar shipping, or I'll redraw.
b) I don't get a response by tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, this stack of games is all yours.

Community Regulars, feel free to make sure I didn't miscount. Maybe I missed a duplicate post or something.

On a side note of contests, I've narrowed your painting down to 3 thumbnails Conrad.
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