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Journey's End, and a bit more (part 1)

Last night's episode of Doctor Who is said to be the last this season. With David Tennant, being a busy man and all that. Keeping up with his role as Dr. Who has been some adventure. By the by... this season managed to pull some strings. Unfolding more ideas, and hidden details wherever you looked beyond just one episode. Something about the show, just kept me watching, it felt a lot like a "Choose your own adventure" type of design.

Some sci-fi fans would clamor to write, close enough to a book piece of written thoughts. But I'm keeping this short for sanity sake.

As far as I can remember, Doctor Who has never taken a spin quite like this before. A few years back, when it came back on air; I did some backlogging how long most actors kept the role of Who. And it looks like our new friend David will be holding the reigns for awhile. *note the last two episodes of this season offer a nice treat.

Overall this fourth season of the "Rebirth" series has been some roller coaster ride. From reunions, to new clashes, new alliances, and some enemies that don't give up (even within a parallel universe being bent to its will). Ok, sorry I almost gave too much away. But this has definitely had some fun storytelling evolutions with a new writer (I remember their style, but the name escapes me).

Next year, I read via Gateworld's net news; that Doctor Who in 2009 will consist of mini-sodes. Putting it lightly, 2-hour tiered films that fill in the gap, until the true next season.
Due to David being on stage for most of the following year (and other projects).

So why this is Part 1? I can't give too much away, but next time I will share more thoughts about the archs then & now. What I loved, and some things that hit fans pretty hard. Wonder if Sci-Fi may bring over BBC shows.. Torchwood c'mon! (And I will be sure to explain that next time as well)
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