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Luc Bernard is still a being baby on forums around the internets, Dtoid are evil villains of game reviewing


Note: If you can't see the text in the picture above, click the gallery. Better yet, go check out this forum where you'll discover that Luc is still a douchebag and a whiny bitch.

And people are disappointed in our community? For cursing Luc Bernard out after he acted like a big fucking baby? I wasn't going to get involved because I figured I'd be upset if my game was shit on and all, but this guy is a total fucking douchebag. Have you guys seen what he is saying about our wonderful website and community here at Destructoid.com? The gaming community as a whole should be disappointed in this guy for acting like this. He's being a fucking baby, and he's also calling out Dtoid on it's integrity.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can expect thoroughly honest reviews from the editors here. We may not agree with them more all the time, but they give their honest opinions of each game they review. And that's the point of a review: To give your own damn opinion of a game. This is why no gamer should read the reviews of only one site, because everyone has a different opinion. What's amazing to Jim Sterling may suck donkey balls to the guys at IGN.

This is something Luc doesn't understand. He seems to expect great reviews from everyone else just because we're supposedly being dishonest in our reviews. Basically, he's making something out of nothing and telling the internet and it's gamers that we reviewed a non-official or early copy of the game, when in fact our own Conrad Zimmerman purchased the retail version of the game.

The point I'm getting at is that although we said some vulgar things, who cares? This is the god-damn internet. At least we told it like it was, whereas Luc denied his own incompetence and instead went on a flaming adventure, all in the name of making Dtoid look like they're not credible in any way.

Too bad Luc can't type a sentence properly, otherwise he might have been able to convince some web lurkers that we really are scumbags over here at Dtoid.
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