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PS3 Friday Night Fights: Welcome Back to the Stage of History


Well, it Friday Night and the feelings right. Oh yes, it's Friday Night. Oh, what a night. We're switching up the usual rotation a bit so pay attention. This will be on the mid-term.

8:30pm EDT CountingConflict (PSN: CountingConflict) and Ha-puken (PSN: JamesEwing) will start things off with the hot, new, sword-based fighting game: Soul Calibur IV. You can use the character creator to finally settle the age old debate of who’d win in a sword fight: Anne Frank or the Kool-Aid man.

10pm EDT Yojimbo (PSN: k0wb0y-b33b0p) will keep things going with Call of Duty 4. It’s kind of like when you used to pretend you were a soldier as a kid but your ass is firmly planted on the couch.

10pm EDT If you fancy yourself more of a lover than a fighter you join me in Rock Band to kick out the smooth jams. Instead of getting your adrenaline pumping with the sounds of gunfire and explosions you can chill out with the soothing sounds of Boston.

11:30pm EDT To finish off the night I’ll be hosting Warhawk. The room will be called DToid_FNF and have a password of 'toid'. Run around shooting stuff, crushing people with tanks, and cursing my name as I come out of nowhere to stab you in the back. You guys should know the drill by now.

See you there. If I don't spend all night playing Diablo 2 with y0j1mb0 like I did last week. That game's stupidly fun.
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