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GO3 Electronics Expo - The most horrible gaming expo ever, seriously

Ok, I honestly just got over laughing at this thing... but before I tell you why, here is some background.

Last year was the first of what many were hoping to be Perth's first big step in to the gaming industry. To give Perth some exposure and to let some of the indy developers in to show off their stuff. All well and good in theory, but in practice.... the results were pretty embarrassing.

At the initial event was 1 screen in a small room showing a reel of different trailers, random stores touting mobile phones, random electronics, dvds, anime and other shit etc. There was an Xbox360 booth with 2 consoles, 1 with Lost Planet and another with some other shitty game. There was a Playstation booth that had Ridge Racer and some other shitty game. And the Nintendo booth was in full effect, with 3 Wii consoles repping WiiSports. Awesome.

Kojima even had a special trailer to show, but decided not to show it because of how horrible the turnout was.

Think that is too awesome? There was also totally rad dance music being played by a wicked cool DJ, a stage for dancing, with some rave lights and a smoke machine. There was a massive LAN hookup down the back, taking up half of the fucking venue, even though it was less than 1/5 full and there was so little to do and so little to buy that I was bored after about 15 minutes, then I went outside and saw like 15 cosplayers sitting on the grass taking photos.

It was just the poorest event I have ever witnessed, and I've seen some shockers.

So anyway, that was last year. I thought after what happened there would be no chance in hell for another event in Perth. How wrong I was, GO3 is back and better than ever. Featuring, hell I'll just screenshot it....

That is the ENTIRE thing....spanning 3 days, that is what they plan to have. Can you fucking believe that? If you make your way over to their official site and check out their sponsors and then compare them to the sponsors they had last year, you can see why there is even less by way of content than last year, which I didn't even think was possible.

The N-Gay-ge? When the fuck was that ever a viable gaming platform. Didn't it get like 3 games and then completely lose any market it may have had a hold on after everyone realized every game was horrible and it was the size of a brick?

I don't know, it just seems like a huge fucking waste of time, money, resources and is just a flat out insult to the gaming industry. Perth is just too small for something like this, as much as I want an awesome electronics/games festival here, it is just not possible.

I'll still go, seeing as it's free, just to catalogue how horribly horrible it was and post pictures of all the lame shit.
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