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Ubisoft releases Armored Core: For Answer trailer, I fap furiously despite my doubts.

Hey all,
As many of you may already know I have known that this new AC game was on the horizon for a while now, but after such a delay to see it in the west I had all but forgotten about it. Then this week I hear that good old Ubisoft have picked up the slack and are publishing the game for western audiences to be released in September with hopefully an Australian release not long after that. Let the anticipation fapping commence.

Now I still have some doubts about the game, but to be perfecty honest I'll still buy it to see how serious the developers are to improve the game from its last iterations. Plus there's online co-op, and that is win in my book.

I also just saw the western trailer for the game, complete with action-movie-guy voice and epic-action-movie music and I must say I dig it.

Ahhh giant robots blowing shit up, my one weakness... apart from scotch.

Also I'm curious, although Ubisoft are publishing the game they don't affect the game itself in any way such as localisation or english translation do they?

Well it's back to work for me, with only days away until I acquire my copy of Soul Calibur IV and my Hori Fighting stick. Can't fucking wait.

I fucking love fridays :D
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