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A Cast of Thousands: Count Bleck


Wrong. Despite the typical Mario platforming gameplay, this is still an RPG at heart, and like almost all RPG's, there's much more to this tale than what you first see.

Unlike other Mario titles, this game is not introduced as a "save the princess" story. During the opening cinematic, an unseen narrator introduces us to what is described as "a story of...love." No, I'm not exaggerating, that's what it seriously says word for word. Why? Because what sets this story apart from not just Mario games in general, but the very Paper Mario series from which it hails is the fact that Mario and his friends are not the focus of the story. Even though you control the four heroes of legend that save the world from utter destruction, the main purpose of the story is the relationship between our baddy Count Bleck, and a companion in your party named Tippi. By rescuing the Pure Hearts and completing your quest, you only help to bring their story to light.

And while that story may seem like your typical RPG fare of love, loss, revenge, and redemption (the plot is entirely too long for me to recount completely here), it shocked me that a tale worthy of a Final Fantasy game was found in a Mario game. And the way his character is revealed to you is very interesting as well. At first, all you see is the evil, cackling, monocled villian hell-bent on dragging all worlds into oblivion. However, through his dialogue with other characters, and snippets of flashbacks between chapters, the true depth of his person is slowly exposed. He was just an ordinary person driven by immense grief to seek power beyond his understanding, and found himself wrapped up in events beyond his control. Bleck even expresses remorse at what he has brought about by triggering such chaos, but is resigned to his role as the villian, even though the good man inside of him isn't as dead as he would like to think.

After defeating Count Bleck and seeing the real manipulator of the end of the world (a villian so awesome in his own right that I seriously considered writing this Monthly Musing on him instead), it's even Bleck's own wish for reconciliation and rediscovery of his former lover that helps you finally end the dark void that threatened to consume the universe. The end of all worlds was triggered by a union between two people never meant to be together, and it is stopped by the union of two people who were never meant to be apart. Even though he started the events prophesied to bring about chaos, it's through Count Bleck's actions that it's saved.

Cheesy? Yes, but like I stated, Count Bleck/Blumiere is a surprisingly deep character for a Mario game. Through his interactions with the other characters, flashbacks in between chapters, and eventual actions at the end of the game, he proves that he is far more than just evil cannon fodder for Mario and his entourage. In many other franchises he probably wouldn't have been as memorable, but precisely because he is such a departure from other villians in this series, he has made a permenant impression on me as one of the series' most iconic antagonists.
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