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Video Games In Real Life photomanipulations


Some weeks ago Hamza linked to a couple of YTMNDs in his weekly feature that had images of real life scenes manipulated to include sprites of video game characters, as if they had leaped from the games into real environments similar to the ones they called home in their game worlds. On another forum I visit, someone started a thread off with a link to a blog post containing these images, and challenged people to make images of their own (wallpaper sized, if possible.) So far, I've made three images, and while they aren't standard wallpaper sizes they're close enough that you can make your own from them. I have the Super Metroid one as my wallpaper currently on a 1280x800 laptop display, and it isn't horribly distorted. I didn't do anything too fancy, as I'm still learning the ropes of Paint.NET, but I was reasonably happy with the results and my fellow forum dwellers seemed to enjoy them. I hope you will, too.

I think I'll do a StarTropics one next, but I can't find the sprites I want. Looks like I might have to not download not a ROM of the game and not take screenshots to not get what I don't want.
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