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Nyko Kama Review (it's a wireless nunchuk :P)


Just got my Kama in the mail and I'ma gonna review it! (like the title says, its a wireless nunchuk if you didn't know ^^)

Well a start note: I'm gonna be super picky. But this is just because I want everyone to know every nook and cranny of this fucker for when they buy it ;p.

So where to start? It's a wireless nunchuk ;p Which is a definite + from the very start.

Looks: Looks a lot like the regular nunchuk, a bit different size but nothing horrible. Has a wii-mote-esc power button on the left side and a little flashing light to the right of it. I think it woulda looked tons better if they both lit up so it would look like an alien head but hey it's passable! Says Nyko on the bottum front and has the FCC ID running down the side, which I thought actually made it look slightly better, not much though. The receiver at the end of the remote fits nicely. The C and Z buttons are clear, which look different and cool but don't light up which is a bit of a letdown :( But it's not like you look at the controller when you play :P

While it's not like a glove it doesn't look bad and is small enough to not get in the way of any wrist flicks. :| A grip at the bottom woulda been cool though...

So over all looks are pretty good.

The most important bit :o The response time. It was great, I was playing SMG and Metal Slug Anthology with it and I didn't have any problems at all. I think I noticed a tiny tiny lag from the shoulder buttons, but was so slight I bet it was my imagination, and if it wasn't it's so minuscule that it wouldn't bother anyone. I tried concentrating on just that for 15+ minutes and still couldn't tell if it was actual or my imagination, so you definitely can't detect it during gameplay.

Couple complaint's, though they may be specific to mine. On the knob, there's a slight cut into the plastic, it doesn't feel bad or anything but like I said I'm knitpicking. I think this is a specific case though. Also my C button is loose, and it clatters around when I shake it. Not really gonna be a bother at all, it pushes fine and it won't make noise during a game (since your fingers on it :P) but like I said, knit pick :P

The kama is also supposed to turn off after 20 seconds of no use, but that stupid light blinks to fast when it's not connected and annoys the crap out of me so I have to hold the power button down for 3 seconds. A long ass 3 seconds :| Wish they'd cut it down to 1.....

Also an FYI, the blinking leds are actually buttons you use to connect the kama to the receiver, took me a minute to get that one :|

Well that's all I got! Here's an actual pic (it doesn't look as slim as it does in Nykos picture) of what it is ;p

Final Judgment: Well my final judgment is torn ;p For 30 bucks, if your going to pick up another nunchuk I definitely think the kama should be the one. If you already have all that you need, is it worth a replacement? For me it was, I hate the wire and find it super annoying. I guess that's all a personal preference I guess ;p If you want wireless it's sold, but it is around 30 bucks so choose for yourself ;p

Hope it helps!
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