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Comic Con 2008. Also, Cocks.


There's a guy in a robot helmet in this photo and yet I'm the one who looks like a retard. It's a gift.

I want to thank aborto the fetus for setting up the Dtoid meetup at this year's San Diego Comic Con. It was a blast to meet and hang out with complete strangers from the Internet for a few hours each day and not end up raped and murdered. Not like that last time. That bar we randomly selected was awesome, even though I didn't eat or drink anything. I knew it would be great when we walked in and Cartoon Network was on the TV.

I'd also like to thank Niero and Colette for their generosity, though I didn't take advantage of it. You guys are awesome. It truly was a highlight of my Con experience to get to hang out with everyone, and I hope to do it again some time.

Meanwhile, I posted pictures from the madhouse that was SDCC 2008 on my Flickr. I haven't taken detailed pictures of all the swag I got from the convention just yet, but I intend to highlight the more notable items in the near future. For now, here's the whole mountain of crap, minus a few crappy fliers and bags:

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