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Wrapping up July.. and August?

Good evening fellow D-Toid crew, a new week has begun. So how to wrap up July?
Well for one, my 360 was sent in for repairs a few weeks back. With its return, I brought it back to life, and began playing some of my 360 gaming library once more. After a quick check to see if all of my purchased Arcade content worked 100% (thankfully it was my original system, but with a new set of parts).

Some odd days ago, I wrote a mini-review based on my short play through of Ninja Gaiden II. And as of late, it has definitely become a lot tougher since I started out. Sadly I missed a Ninpo technique back in the NYC streets. Even with that being a barrier, I kept on going; only to find more insane enemies waiting for Hayabusa to take on with all his strength. As of now, I'm currently within the Paris stage (Aura Waterway). Taking on the Sea Dragon, and it is definitely no cake walk.

To be honest, my main focus has been Ninja Gaiden II. And with a few titles like Soul Calibur IV arriving tomorrow, I'm going to settle for that entry to be on my waiting list. Although I may be a arcade fighting fan, it might be best to see everyone's viewpoint. What its pros & cons are, as far as being a "re-invention" of what the past games were.

With PAX now only a month away, I'm ready to go. Plus it turns out, a bit of my colleagues will also be attending. From AllGames, some from G4, and of course our D-toid family. Honestly I'm really excited, and can't wait to have a great time.

(haha.. sorry about not titling Soul Calibur IV correctly)
*just watching Gurren Lagann, hey you know how it goes =D
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