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Final Fantasy XI for the 360 is expanding @ Amazon today


Today's Amazon deal is a reminder that World of Warcraft isn't the only MMORPG still running out there. For you die hard Final Fantasy XI players, who also play it on the 360, who also do not have the latest expansion, (which is probably about two of you), Amazon is here to help you out with Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess for $8.40.

Finally you can join the groups of players running around and scholars and dancers, which are the two new job classes introduced in this expansion. Not that it'll make getting into a group any easier if you're not a white mage.

Frankly, I was disappointed to see that scholars simply use staves like every other caster class. What happened to my FFIII Scholar class that attacked simply by smacking enemies with books?

Deals 135-197 damage. 35% chance to stun on hit.

I know there are some people that love FFXI and swear that it's the best thing since sliced bread, so this one's for them.
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