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Guess the Game Brain Teasers: shipero's turn

These are brain teasers. The answers to these brain teasers are names of games. They are different from DToid's Monday Mind Teasers in that these are plays on words, rather than silhouettes. Confused as to how you play? Try looking at these previous sets of brain teasers. Looking at those might sharpen your skills for future brain teasers.

Ever since I've shown y0j1mb0 BluFire's Brain Teaser blogs he's been obsessed with making his own for the soul reason of stumping me. He has so far been unsuccessful in his efforts because he forgot to take into consideration that I am a super genius. I'm bored so I decided to post the various ones he's sent me this past week, along with a few of my own, in order to give us all something to do on this lazy Sunday afternoon.


2. By: y0j1mb0


4. By: y0j1mb0


6. By: y0j1mb0


8. By: y0j1mb0


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