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European VC Update: Start Giving A S*** Again Edition

Before going to this stuff I want to talk about what happened today at my Local Independant Games Retailer of Choice which I was hanging around in after work today.

First I was told that they had a SNES in. I have never owned a SNES and you have no idea how much that kills me inside every time I think about it. They then said it was £15 with Super Mario World. I was getting my fucking wallet out, then the cunts said one of the guys who worked there has bought it as soon as it had come in. To get my hopes up like that only to trash it on the rocks is downright sadistic. Then he said he only wanted it for the fucking power cord because his OTHER TWO SNES' didn't have one between them. I hated him at that moment.

Then the manager of the store who knows that I'm trying to start building a console collection brought out something that got me excited. At first glance it was an Atari Lynx, then it was an Atari Lynx in all the original packaging, then it was an Atari Lynx in all the original packaging with 10 games all in their original boxes with a copy of Joust still in its original blister packaging. It was £70 for the lot, the manager said if I dumped down £10 there and then he'd hold onto it for me until I got paid next week. About 30 minutes of hard thinking later I decided against it, I have a strange lust for the Lynx and Jaguar but I can't commit to them before the SNES.

Then while we were going through the store database looking at stuff other stores have looking for retro consoles the jackpot hit. There is a store, somewhere in the UK, which has a Turbografx-16 in stock. I asked if there was a chance of getting it transferred to my store and the manager immediately said no because that is an instant sale if the right person walks in. I hate that logic but it is definately true. OK I'm seriously digressing here so lets get to the Virtual Console. 3 games, 2 stinkers.

Game 1 - City Connection
NES - 500 Points

Its one of those games that Chad referrs to as the Showgirls of videogames as its supposedly so bad its good. I got a not rom the week it came out in America to have a look and I can confirm its bad. Just bad, especially when you're paying £3.50 for it.

Game 2 - International Karate +
Commodore 64 - 500 Points

Its the second IK game to hit the VC, but its still IK and its still shit.

Game 3 - Neo Turf Masters
Neo-Geo - 900 Points

Now we're talking. One of my favourite golf games ever (the others being World Class Leaderboard and Mario Golf) and a reminder of why the 3-click swingometer was allowed to take hold in the first place. Some excellent course design and great Neo-Geo graphics make this hugely enjoyable to play.

However, its on the SNK Arcade Classics disc. I would advise getting that instead, unless you have the Neo-Geo stick for your Wii.

Its far from the train wreck weeks we've gotten used to. Hopefully this is a sign of the VC and WiiWare starting to turn it around as we head into Summer.

Oh yeah, I also got Beyond Good and Evil today for £3. Fucking score.

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