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In Defense of Squeenix Re-Makes and Re-Releases


So, I love my littlest brother with all of my heart. He's 14 years old and unfortunately... He's one of THOSE gamers... You know... X-box Live Halo gamers. I beg him to play something other than First Person Shooters nearly everyday, but he'll have nothing of it! His cherished retro console is the original X-Box. Oh, how he waxes nostalgia of Knights of the Old Republic and Fable. *Sigh* Such a lost soul...

*Grandpa voice* Back in MY day we only had 150 pokemon! Maybe 151 if you were lucky! We could count the buttons of our controllers on our fingers! Maybe even on one hand! AND WE LIKED IT!

He's heard many of these rants from me and for all of my effort. My multiple attempts to make him play SNES and NES classics have been a near complete failure... Now! On to my topic!

I used to hate how much Squeenix loves to whore out it's old franchises, porting them to console after console. Re-releasing the same games I played years ago over and over again. How stupid can you be!? That is until just a few days ago...

My brother (an avid DS player) came up to me and showed an article from E3 about the Chrono Trigger re-release for the DS. He was EXCITED about it!. Wait... I have been trying to make my brother play that game for SO long!! Now he plans to buy it on the DS!? He also conveyed his interest in Final Fantasy IV for the DS and how awesome the graphics look! WTF!? I've had this game since before you could read!!

Then I remembered something... I started gaming late in my life so I missed out on alot of classics when they came out. Just how DID I play Chrono Trigger for the first time? Oh yeah... It was on the Playstation... I read about it in a magazine and got so excited that I went and bought it the next day! Wow. Come to think of it, that's when I started getting into RPGs... If it hadn't been for Square porting it over the PSone, I may have never even developed an interest in classic RPGs.

It made me realize something. That while all of these re-makes and re-releases may seem stupid and pointless to the ones who played these games over 10 years ago, there are gamers like my brother out there. Gamers who have never played these games that will now be able to experience the awesome stories and wonderful characters that they have to offer in an entirely different (and in most cases, better translated) context.

So for me? Bring it on Squeenix! If your money mongering ways mean that my little brother gets to play Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 4 (I mean 2!) for the first time! SO BE IT!
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