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Final Fantasy IV DS Impressions (Spoilers: It's amazing)


I have a confession: I've never actually completed Final Fantasy IV. I've gotten somewhat deep into it, but never finished the damn thing. But this time, it's definitely going to be different. I can truthfully say that in my humble opinion, this version of Square's classic RPG is the definitive version. And I'm only just starting.

Maybe purists will scoff at me, but I've never even beat this game, and I didn't play it back in the day anyway. I played the Playstation 1 version, which truthfully doesn't hold a candle to the SNES version anyway. So I don't feel inclined to favor the source material in any way. But I tell you, the presentation of this title makes it so vastly different! The voice work alone makes it infinitely better than the original version for me. The story is so much more effective, even in it's simple beginnings. I feel a lot more like I'm part of some epic shit, to be frank.

And the graphics truly are beautiful, looking very nice on the DS screen. They are certainly better than the Final Fantasy III remake's visuals, to say the least. And it's just plain awesome to see Cecil and the Red Barons flying in an airship at the opening of the game, which is a scene I remember well from the 2D versions of the game. It gave me a nice little nostalgic tingle, a warm fuzzy feeling of some sort.

So yeah, I can recommend this game for purchase if you're a fan of Final Fantasy games or just a fan of RPGs period. As with all main FF games, it's obviously not necessary to have played any others in the series, and honestly I can't think of a better way to start playing these games than this. It's fucking awesome.

Oh, for those that are wondering how far I am into it, I've beaten the Mist Dragon and gotten to some desert town, I can't remember the name. Something starting with a K. Cecil is level 17. I don't remember where the fuck I am going, either. Those are the consequences of playing on a portable; I turn the game off more frequently then when I play on a console, so I forget what I was doing in the game.

Anyway, have a great day Dtoiders.
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