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Title's "Homosexual", cause DToid censored "Faggot" out.

If you seek to avoid my horrid wall of text:
Long story short, people need to quit bitching.

Anyways, the honorable Jim's article on the rather FAT Princess game, or if you want to get all accurate and specific, Jim's article on the rather opinionated FAT lady's article on the FAT Princess, y'know made me think 'bout some shit I wanted to talk about.

(See what I did there, I made the word "fat", rather, fat.)

Basically, chill out, your life isn't that big of a deal, there's billions of rather similar ones running concurrently to yours and countless ones that've come before and that'll come after. So relax.

But if you really can't get over yourself and your opinions, occasionally, take a look in the mirror and fuckin' deal with what you see there.

Thinkin' 'bout this shit also reminded me of a bit of a story (y'know, cause I'm a self-centered egocentric prick so everything's gotta be about me):

So, I've just graduated high school. Wasn't all that exciting. A dyke friend of mine mentions to me, "Hey! Y'know how we just had prom? Well there's another one going on in Vancouver, much like ours, except gay. You should come."

And since I'm a person with a penis who occasionally likes other people who happen to have penises, I respond, "Yeah sure."

Then, she followed up with, "Sweet! See ya there... well if I can find a ride with someone."

So I give her a ride since she had asked so passive-agressively, show up, meet a few guys, a few dances a few make-outs yadda yadda. It's all good, until I get talkin' with the guys. All they want to talk about is being gay. Like it's their whole identity, like it's all they do. How they just wish they'd be accepted the way they are, that they wouldn't be treated any differently, yadda yadda, bleeding hearts of the world unite. Then they ask me what I think of the whole deal.

"Yeah I don't really give a fuck."

"You're gay aren't you?!" Like this automatically meant I cared.

"Nah, I'm Angus, nice to meet you,"

"Ha, very funny," said with a face like it's the least funny thing ever. "But you like guys?"


"Then you're gay."

"Not really, I dig chicks too."

"So you're Bi?"

"Nah, I go through phases usually I prefer chicks though."

"So you're straight?"

"I don't think you can say that once you've fondled a dick."

These guys, who are supposedly trying to raise awareness for some sort of penultimate "Gay Cause" are usually the biggest hypocrites. They can't wrap their head around somebody who hasn't tailored their sexuality into one of three little boxes.

Honestly, boxes don't matter. Nobody can really, fairly be put in one. So if somebody pokes a lil' fun at a stereotype, don't worry about it because chances are you aren't going to fit it perfectly, so it's not like they're making fun of you. If they're making a generalization that isn't true, don't worry about, you know it's not, let them keep their ignorance. If they're saying something that is true, well, fucking deal with it, it's fact.

"Um, yeah. Wow, you really got me there, way to go champ."

Anyways back to the game about the chubby princess, "chubby people like to eat". Yeah, usually true. But not always, I know a few people who eat pretty healthy and in normal amounts who's metabolisms can just never seem to keep up. Those people it's not true for don't got to worry about it because they know the joke's not about them, and the people that matter to them know that.

Y'know similar stereotype that applies to me, (y'know, self-centered guy I am) "fags are wimps". Yeah, usually true. But not always, I've been in rugby matches and wrestling matches where I've taken out guys who were rather simply way bigger and stronger than me physically. I could do this because they were wimps, too busy with spray-on tans and how much they could bench to actually man-up, get their heads in the game and fight like real men. I don't worry about the stereotypes associated with my sexuality, because I know I don't fit them, and so do the people whose opinions matter to me.

Long story short, people need to quit bitching about words and stereotypes.
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