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FUCK YEAH! [email protected] For PSP Announced.


Not many people know this but I have a bit of an obsession with The [email protected] Ever since the original Xbox 360 game was announced I've been dreaming of the day that I'll get to play it. However, Namco Bandai has remained adamant about not bringing the series to America. I've downloaded every video of the game and it's sequel off of the Japanese marketplace and I even bought the gamerpic packs that there were nice enough to give to us Americans. I I'm so crazy that I even downloaded the soundtrack and a few episodes of the anime as well. Yeah, I know it's fucking creepy but we've all got our dreams.

Today I found out that my dream will finally come true. Not in the form of a 360 game, but instead a portable version on PSP dubbed [email protected] SP. No, they aren't making an American version of it for PSP but I will be able to import it and fight my way through the moonspeak. Even better news is that Namco Bandai is taking the Pokemon route and releasing 3 different versions each with 3 different characters. They are as follows:

Perfect Sun Version
• Haruka Amami
• Yayoi Takatsuki
• Makoto Kikuchi

Wondering Star Version
• Yukiho Hagiwara
• Iori Minase
• Ami and Mami Futami

Missing Moon Version
• Chihaya Kisaragi
• Azusa Miura
• Ritsuko Akizuki

To many of you, I'm sure this means nothing as all of those names confuse you. It makes me happy knowing they put 2 of my favorite characters, Azusa and Chihaya, in the oddly named Missing Moon version which is the version I'll be getting. Right now the three games are set to be released this winter in Japan land and will probably never come to America. Which, in all honesty, is probably a good thing because they'd replace all of the j-pop songs with Hannah Montana or some shit.

Via Kotaku
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