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Realization about schooling [NVGR].

I'm trying to get some sort of degree in English/writing mainly so I can get my foot in the door (of pretty much anything ATM) and to improve my chances of not having to wash dishes for a living ever again. Now, I always complained through school about why I should have to take Math classes when I was originally going for a Music major and had thoughts about English. Why would I need to know how to solve simple algebra like 4x+7y=10? My principal even gave the classic excuse, "so when you're building a deck..." If I'm going to build a deck, I'll hire some people to do it, that is how our economy works. In college, why do I need to know the Y-intercept of an equation and graph it if I know I'm not good at Math and I'm focusing on English?

One of life's greatest challenges is to understand what you are good at and what you are not. I'm semi-color blind (classic red & green or whatever), so having me choose the paint color of ANYTHING is a bad idea. I'm not good at Math and never have been, so why force it down my throat when it only causes me stress?

I think I figured out why:

It's so that the school can keep you enrolled for longer and gain more $$$. Even Math majors have to take English comp. which I'm sure to some people is much like my "Math". By keeping you at the school longer and forcing you to study subjects you know are unimportant to you, doubt starts to settle in. People change their majors many times because of doubt or "second-thought" and stay in school longer, thus causing you to pay more money.

But all-in-all, modern schooling in America is FUBAR. Something really needs to change.

Any thoughts?
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