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The struggle between the PS3 and I

A couple of weeks ago I bought a PS3. After a week of experiencing its capabilities I was like "wow, this a pretty incredible system". I mostly bought it to play MGS4. I purchased the 80g model w/ MGS4 bundled. A pretty decent deal for $500.

Well all this awesomeness just went down the toilet when MGS4 froze during a cutscene and I had no choice put to reset it. When I did I found out that I corrupted the HDD. Then I had to rebuild the database. Over and over and over again, I "rebuilt" the database. All that it would do is restart. Finally it went to the XMB. Everything is fine, right? No. After attempting to play a game it froze then I had to go through the exact same BULLSHIT over and over and over again. When it went to the XMB again I decided to do a quick format. Took about 10 seconds. I thought all of my problems were solved except for the fact that I lost all of my saves and downloads.

So I went through and started downloading everything again. I had to install MGS4 again and MGO. That takes about 45 minutes total because of the excruciatingly slow download time of the update. Then about an hour later of playing MGS4 (this time I backed my saves up), it froze again when I paused. So guess what. Thats right. All of the same bullshit over again.

When I finally was able to get to the XMB again I did a full format. (this was last night). Took about 4 hours. Whatever. Seemed to have fixed everything.

Today I was playing MGO and I was disconnected or something. Then it froze while it was loading. There is NOTHING you can do but restart. My HDD is corrupted again, now I'm on another full format. About 3 hours left. What the hell do I keep doing wrong? I know I know, don't turn it off when the HDD light is blinking. But what are you supposed to do? These machines aren't going to fix themselves. Is it because of the latest update?

Does anybody else have this problem??!?! Heres a short video of it in action:

Any input would be great. Keep in mind that my system is well taken care of. Well ventilated in a modest room temperature. It fucks up because... well... because I'm using it to play video games. Is that so bad? If I have to send it in and Sony dicks with me I'll fucking flip out and head butt the sidewalk.
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