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Do you care about what I'm playing? The "I HAVE A BATMAN CUP!" edition


So I managed to see The Dark Knight yesterday, and like everyone else, was blown off my feet and in to the stratosphere; all I can say is believe the hype. I know it's been said over and over, but it deserves mentioning again that Heath Ledgers performance is seriously one of the -greatest- performances I have ever seen; and I'm quite the cynic.

I also opted for the Bat-Combo and scored myself this -awesome- hologramaphical Bat-cup, with custom Bat-lid!

But anyway, I recently bought Twilight Princess and am having to go through all of the shit I did on my friends Wii 4 months ago. It's not bad though, I'm still having fun and it will be a treat when I finally get back up to where I was and can find out how the game ends! Also loving the fact that I can skip cinematics because Link is seriously getting to me with his big gay smile.

I also picked up Heavenly Sword for AU$40, which is what I would pay importing it, so I thought why the hell not. It's actually not that bad once you get used to the fact that it doesn't know what the hell it's trying to do. I swear it's like I got in to a taxi with some mentally retarded person and told them to take me on a tour of bizarro-china where everyone BUT you is mentally retarded, everything runs on rockets, people are half snake and everybody sounds like they were born in either Britain or New Zealand.

But as I said it's not that bad once you look past that. The combat is diverse enough for me to make my own combos up and combining them with light+heavy attacks while having to time my button presses just right is muchos funos. It should pretty much be called "Heavenly God of Dynasty Warriors", because that's exactly what it felt like.

I also recently imported Dark Sector for a measly AU$45 inc shipping. Good job on that ban Australia, keep fighting the good fight, censoring entertainment ftw! It also is not that bad, I can definitely see why I got the reviews it did, repetitive levels, boring and overpowered enemies and just very uninspired design overall. It's a shame considering what they had to work with, that engine is extremely pretty and the combat and weapon system was rock solid. Someone just needed to teach them how to design stuff that's, you know, fun.

And finally I also bought House of the Dead 2 & 3 for the Wii, which brought back some great memories of being at my friends house every single day after shcool, and us trying to beat that damn game on his Dreamcast. Also, the "Wii stabilizer" is the most poorly designed attachment, I'm so happy it was free because that thing was not worth the 80 cents of plastic it was used to make.

Anyway thats it from me, it's 12:13 Australian time and need sleep.
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