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Horrible Horrible Horrifyingly Horrible news.

Yes it's absolutely horrible :(

If you read my last blog


You might remeber that I was hinting to a spiffy project that has to do with *shock and awe* a dreamcast, but horrible things of travestic nature have happened and it's been delayed :( By probably at least a month.... maybe more...

Makes me weep... but at least there's some good news! First I got my game shelf, and put it together and all that, the bad part of that is that it wasn't big enough and I need another one.... *sigh*. More good news, I got my 7th dreamcast, so it is currently my #1 favorite DC.

And in terms of my setup news, I am getting a spiffy new TV. A nice 50" SXRD projection 1080p TV :D And a 60g PS3 too add to it! (all pending but very hopeful ;p) And I've gone ahead with an older project that has to do with the SNES ^^

Sorry if it's cryptic but I want it to surprise you all!

Also to make it longer I'm gonna throw in my operation monster video, again.

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