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E3 Impressions. Also, pushups.

[A WEEK LATE EDITION: Yeah, I know it's a week late, but I've been really busy doing a benefit for the dog shelter in my home town.]

Hm, what? Oh. I was just busy doing one handed pushups while using my other hand to grope at my "exclusives" while pictures of little kids sing and dance and SMILE. HA!

Ha indeed.

You see this was the first E3 I actually watched online. Live. The first E3 that I went in with expectations, hopes, and as much alcohol I could get my hand on (Other hand was still groping said "exclusives") .When I had G4 on my cable, I had watched with much enthusiasm as Mr. what's-his-face and Mrs. where'd-she-go (Formerly known as Kevin Pereira and Sarah Lane, according to the wiki) danced to the tune of Mr. Miyamoto conducting a fucking orchestra with a wii-mote. I remember I was losing my shit over the Wii. The idea of the motion control, the simple games, The VC, and the hope that a new Smash Brothers would be announced. And now, I'm two years older. I've moved out of my parents house. Olivia Munn now dances with Mr. What's-his-face to the tune of baby dolphins being clubbed to death by Mr. Miyamoto and his saxa-fucking-phone-o-mote.

I'm not sure what's happened for me. Perhaps my tastes in games has grown. Perhaps now I'm more in tune with the workings of publishers (Fuck Bungie's Publishers), First Party Developers, (Mr. NoA himself can shove it if he thinks that Animal Crossing is going to tide us 'core' Wii-owners), And Third Party Developers (FUCK DUKE NUKEM). But E3 isn't a place I'd EVER want to go.

Honestly. If I ever had someone give me tickets to get a chance to go to E3, I wouldn't take them.

To start off with, I need to say that there are/were games that I'm REALLY looking forward to. Fallout 3 looks unbelievable, and I can't wait to hunt down old ladies and have security gang rape me. Little Big Planet looks more tantalizing than ever, and I think it should be a law that all presentation must contain a Sackboy walk through of the graphs and charts while the company continues on their merry self-fellating way.

But, all three BIG conferences were so unenthusiastic, underwhelming (to put it lightly), and undeniably boring that I think it would seem like more of a chore to be there than anything else. And I still haven't heard ANY news on the game that I REALLY want to hear more information about. Platinum Games Infinity Line. God, I want that game so hard.

E3 just doesn't look like a fun place. It's for the industry, I realize that. It's not for the public to run around in, but I think that's what USED to make it such a cool place. The closeness. Everyone was so excited about these games coming out, you couldn't help but be excited too, even though you were only reading it on the internet or watched it on T.V. It always seemed like the air was just buzzing with energy, even in the small little interviews on the floor.

Where'd the energy go? Because everyone needs it back. Now, I'm going to go back to doing my one handed push-ups. Excuse me.
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