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Game Run! 7/20/08- Inindo, Wonderboy, and Crusader of Centy


System: Sega Genesis
Store: Game Xchange
Price Paid: $4.95

I was really excited when I found this game in a stack of Genesis carts and even though it was covered in stickers from Crown Video and other used game stores, I had to buy it. It's one of those games that I've had on an emulator, but really wanted to actually own. $4.95 is a good price for what you get with this game too.

If you haven't played this game...
... it's a Zelda clone, there's no denying that. However, it brings it's own things to the table as well and if you're going to imitate a game, Zelda is most certainly a good choice (Neutopia anyone?). It also has what might be the most beautiful graphics on the Genesis... It utilizes rotating sprites and layers very well despite not having the graphical power of an SNES. This little game seems to pump the Genesis to it's limits. It's a decent game, but a little on the slow side and the music is... Bleh... However, I enjoy it and I'm really excited that I was able to find it.


It must have been a day for Action RPG's or something, because they were obviously in abundance. However, I wish that I would have had a bit more money on me considering I also saw copies of Kirby's Dream Land 3, 7th Saga, and Secret of the Stars all for $20.00 along with Dynamite Heady for $1.95 and a SLEW of other amazing games. I'm happy with my purchase though and hopefully I some of the games I wasn't able to get will still be there in a week or two.
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