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Gamer Arts & Crafts: Star Power and a Store Update


Hello again everyone! It's that time again! I've been a very busy bee over the weekend trying to come up with something new and awesome, as well as restock my store again with some of the favorites. After working all weekend I've finally got a bit of a substantial update.

First I'll start off by saying that the old favorites that have been put back in stock are:
Parappa Hat
Slime Hat
and the Iceman Hat is still available

Now for the new and exciting hat. I totally haven't smiled so big upon finishing a hat for a looong time until I got to this one.

Also bringing back a viewing of it being worn since it's kind of an odd shape. Just wanted to show you that it looks much better when on than it does sitting on the floor. :)

Well as always, thank you all for your support! You guys are amazing! Those hats from last time went out so fast it was ridiculous! I <3 you guys!

As always they are available at my Etsy Store.

Thanks again and see ya next time!
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