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My humanities teacher is amazing, video game related I swear

Since I attend Devry University I go to school year round, with a two week break every 24 weeks, so I am currently in school right now. At school it's required to take a humanities class to graduate, so I decide to take the class and get it over with. Well I thought it was going to be some class about "hot topic" issues and people with different opinions debating about what's ethical and many fights will ensure from it. Surprsingly on the first day I find out the class is about art.

We start discussing on what was one of the most creative things we have seen and I state Gears of Was chainsaw bayonet. Much to that my teacher Pam agreed and we start talking about video games as a form of art. One of my classmate Sam chimes in that her brother learned all of the greek mythology through God of War and Pam said who cares if a kid learns through reading or playing video games. I jumped for freaking inside when she said that. Someone agress with the video game as art and I don't think she plays video games.

Well after class I talked to her about bringing in some video games and looking at them as art forms and she agreed with a smile. So on tues. I bought in my XBOX and showed the Jade Empire. What was awesome was how she was talking about the design of level and how the colors effected the way the atmosphere felt. It was so awesome hearing my classmates talking about a video game as a form of art. Even better is Pam wants me to bring in another game and talk about it as art.

Here's the thing I really don't want to drag my XBOX around again, that thing is a freaking monster but I have more games I can show as art like Fable, Half-life, Guilty Gear and a bunch more. Well my gamecube is busted and I am not bringing my Wii to school, might get mugged or something like that. I would love to show the Wind Waker. Then there is my PS2, SNES, and N64. I would lvoe to show FF-X but I let my friend borrow that and only game I have to present as art for my PS2 is Kingdom Hearts. I only have about six games for my PS2 and most of them are fighters. For my N64 I could show Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. So what do you guys think I should show?
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