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Microsoft Customer Support to the rescue! I love these guys right now.


Yes, Microsoft Customer Support. Specifically, this was an Xbox 360 Problem, and it wasn't really Customer Support in truth. See, what happened was this:

As many of you may remember (or not), my 360 broke a few months back, on the day of GTA4's release, in fact. I had wanted that game for the 360, BTW. Got it for the PS3 instead. Anyway, that sucked. But I got the console back in less than 3 weeks, so I wasn't too upset with MS really. Then something retarded happened, something that's never happened with a console before: My fucking power brick died out on me. And yes, I followed directions and always made sure it was standing upright and not plugged into any power strips.

Anyway, I figure whatever, I'll just call Xbox Support, right? Wrong. After getting past MS' robot guard (that asshole who asks questions when you call), I got in touch with a real human being I think. Can't be sure though, she was surprisingly zombie like. Didn't seem to empathize with me one bit. I soon found out why.

While the Xbox 360 console is fully covered under warranty, the power brick is not. Oh sure, they replace it for free, but first you've got to ship the broken one back to them, just like with the console. Except you have to pay your own shipping costs. Some may not have a problem with this, but after all the other breakdowns I've had, all the problems with their shit hardware, I was kind of fed up. Not to mention that I had just gotten the console back recently. I didn't think this was ethical business practice, to treat loyal customers who support your products like this. After all, the 360 is my favorite system.

I sat on it for a week or so, before deciding to try and take a little fucking action on behalf of my principles. I refused to pay the shipping. I decided to call MS Corporate.

I told them my complaints, told them how much I loved the console and didn't want to have to stop supporting it, how I would be forced to start buying all my games for the PS3 because it's more reliable. They said they'd call back. A week and a half passed, and I was ready to give up. Then, yesterday I got a call from a lovely woman, a corporate person from MS. She was sending me a new power brick, free of charge. And it's the newer model brick, which she claims is more reliable. And I don't have to send the old one back.

But on top of this, they offered me a choice of gifts, telling me to choose one and they'd send it out right away. This is what they offered me:

Free Games: Viva Pinata, Project Gotham Racing 3, Forza 2, and Blue Dragon. All 30 dollar games. Not too special, but not horrible, for free.

Free items: Wireless Controller, Wired Headset, Live Vision Camera, Universal Remote, Play and Charge Kit.

Not a bad list of choices, especially when you consider the price of the Controllers these days. But I didn't need any of the items, and still being a jobless asshole I figured a game would be the better choice for me right now. So I took Blue Dragon. Not bad though, eh?

Needless to say, I'm very impressed. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you.
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