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The MGO Expansion Fiasco


As many people are aware, the first Metal Gear Online expansion came out yesterday. Or, at least it did for some people. If you were one of the thousands that attempted to purchase said expansion chances are you didn't get it. Konami still can't seem to recover from their MGO bad luck that started so long ago with the beta. People yesterday were singing familiar tunes as they attempted to download the expansion and were greeted with error after error. The same things that happened with the beta download happened with this expansion. Some people got it, but a majority didn't.

Konami eventually posted an update saying that the servers were under stress and that they were attempting to fix them. A few hours later they decided to limit the amount of people that could access the download servers at a time, by setting a new IP range every hour. When that didn't work, Konami finally decided to shut down all further functions of the MGO store until Early this morning. Since I was one of the lucky few that got the update before the shutdown, I cannot confirm that everything is back up yet. Let's hope for the best!

Anybody else, that tried, get the expansion?
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