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Wanna see a magic trick?

This is going to sound crazy but type the word “spicy” into the comment section and hit the post button.

Go ahead I’ll wait…

Behold the magical disappearing comment.

I discovered this recently that when I typed in “a Spanish Galleon filled with spices from the New World” into the comment box and to my annoyance it wouldn’t commit my words to the page. I’ve been toying around with it for the last month pinpointing the exact cause of temporal anomaly (I’m not crazy.) and I’ve believe I’ve discovered the culprit: the characters ‘s’, ‘p’, ‘i’, and ‘c’. If those letters are put together in that order your comment will disappear into the dark ether of the internet. What is the cause of this? A simple coding error? Bizarre form of censorship? Demons fucking with my mind in an attempt to make me kill myself so I won’t be around to stop their attempts to conquer our world. ...I’m not crazy.

Update: If any of the letters are capitalized it’ll work. Where's my tinfoil?
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