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MGO US Servers Down. New Updates Imminent! Blog Post not E3 Related![Update]

As of the moment I'm blogging, the US MGO servers are officially down for maintenance. This means two things. First, that we are finally going to get the GENE expansion pack that the rest of the world(Japan and parts of Europe) got on Tuesday. Hopefully arriving with this expansion, will be the newest version of MGO with the patch to version 1.10.

"What's that? 1.10? Lies, nobody told me of this!"

[Update: All information about 1.10 ish now from teh US MGO Site. Don't worry, if you read it once here, it's exactly the same.]

Ver.1.10 Update information

Additional Unique Characters
Meryl and Johnny have been added.

Additional Female Character
You can create a female character from 8 different face and voice templates.
Please note: you cannot change the gender of existing characters.

Additional new maps
"Coppertown Conflict", "Tomb of Tubes" and "Virtuous Vista" have been added
Additional new rule "Survival Mode" has been added. Join up with up to 5 other players in one team and face danger!
This mode is available on fridays, saturdays and sundays.

Update information: changes for all versions

Reward shop has opened it's doors!
The reward shop has been implemented. Now you can exchange reward points for gear.

Additional clan room
Dedicated clan rooms can now be created

Additional information about SOP
You can now see traps set by teammates through SOP.

Additional new Skill:
2 kinds of skill have been added.
"Box Move" accelerates movement speed when you are hiding in a box.
"Quick Recovery" the speed of recovery when helping a teammate has been increased.

Change of weapon specification
Custom parts of M870 Datsite, Scope has been added
The number of bullets of the P90 has been changed from 300 to 250.
The range of hand gun's AUTO AIM has been changed from 15M to 10M.
The range of Assalt Rifle's AUTO AIM has been changed from 5M to 7M.
Adjusted the specs of Shotgun's AUTO AIM
Changed MK17 3000DP to 2500DP.
Changed XM8'DP from 4000DP to 3500DP.
Changed G3A3's DP from 4000DP to 5000DP.
Changed M14 EBR's DP from 750DP to 3000DP.
Changed M870 from 1000DP to 750DP.
Changed SLUG bullet from 5000DP to 2000DP.
Changed V.RING bullet from 3000DP to 2000DP.
Changed E.LOCATER from 750DP to1500DP.
Adjusted the range of Stun Knife's electric shock attack.

Bigger inbox!
You can keep up to 32 mails (up from 16 mails).

Results screen has been modified
"Game Play Option" category has been added
Back ground music volume setting has been added
"Individual battle score" category has been added
Weapon information has been added.
"Snake" "Metal Gear Mk.II", "Meryl" and "Jonny" have been added
*"Meryl" and "Jonny" can only be found in the "GENE EXPANSION"
*If you train using "Metal Gear Mk.II" or "Jonny", traps will have been set in the stage.

[Update(10:somethingAM EST): 1.10 is live. I have just finished installing it. Here are the release notes(taken directly from the game while downloading):

The Client has been updated following the release of "Expansion Pack 1". Update includes:
-New Skills
-Greater mail inbox
-Creation of Clan rooms
-Minor Bug Fixes

The all new "Expansion Pack 1" is packed with amazing new features to give you a whole newexperience in MGO!!
Buy yours now at the MGO Shop!!
*The update does not include "Expansion Pack 1" itself.

Also noted from the US site is that the Reward Shop will be temporarily closed due to high demand until they can get more servers going. The MGO shop is also down at this time due to high traffic creating difficulties logging in.

I've also noticed two things about this update not stated above. First, the UI for the skills page has some slight color tweaks. The outer bar looks blue, not orange. The new skills show up as "???" and apparently have a requirement to first unlock them. These requirements aren't retroactive it seems.

On the Personal Stats page: now lists gender, grade rating(mine's ROOKIE) in addition to level, a total reward count, awards now have a graphic next to them(like a ribbon), and new tab, "Official Game History"Also, free 500 reward points, nice!

The Online News page in MGO also got a facelift.

The Survival gametype is apparently seperate from the rest of the game types as it gets its own listing in the lobby selection. Has two servers, Rex and Ray. Can't acess them atm due to MGO shop being down. You cant acess the lobby for it w/o buying the expansion pack. Lobby will affect stats, level, grade, clan stats. ]
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