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E3 2008: Impressions

Well its that time of year again when all the Dtoid staff that are avail. clamber to the smog cave that is Los Angeles California to see whats new at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's not only an essential conference for new news in the gaming industry, but a kind of homecoming for the Robot Helmet clade Mr. Destructoid as this site was created to qualify the founders to gain access to the event a couple of years ago.

This year was less remarkable than I had hoped. There weren't really any HUGE revelations to behold. The way the last year or so has gone in the market was a sign that the Wii is a success and Microsoft XBox360 and Sony PS3 are locked in competition for the same market of potential gamers.

Microsoft is ahead of Sony both in games and users. Their XboxLive service is for now superior to anything Sony or Nintendo has to offer. Sony realizes this and unveiled a price drop that may start to turn the tide in their favor as more gamers yearn for the combo of great HD gaming and blu-ray playing capability. Microsoft's limited time only price drop(20GB) will attract some new faces but their lack of blu-ray and smaller hard drive size (20GB) should be considerations for anyone thinking about picking one up.

Nintendo knows they're enjoying an unexpected lead over their competition as they've been able to wrassle up some non-traditional fans and keep them coming back with interesting peripherals like the Wii-fit balance board and extra sensor plug in. Nintendo is sticking to their fun guns and rolling out titles that appeal to their new demographic. Wii music will likley be a hit for family gaming and incorporating the balance board with that ensures it sells even better than before.

So, all in all, the song remains the same, hard-core gamers will fight the temptation to get blu-ray as Sony does everything it can think of to convince gamers that the gleaming 60 lb. wonder is worth their $400 (rolling out a new lower priced PS3), Microsoft tries to keep their fans happy by creating more in-demand titles (Gears of War 2), and Nintendo does what they have done best in the recent memory, create games that are fun for the whole family utilizing unique peripherals.
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