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E3 Expo: Fable 2

I must say I am very excited for Fable 2 to come out this year. The walk through I saw even got me more excited, especially the online co-op in the game and that you can experience your friends world that is very different then your own world. One of my friends is a Fable fan also and he usually takes on the evil path and so now I can see what happenes to his world since he is a evil douche.

I know in many comments about this story many people felt "burned" Fable 1 because they never get what they were promised. Well when Fable orginally came out I never had a Xbox to play and second I never had cable to watch the E3 coverage of it and finally I didn't know about Destructoid to here what they promised in the orignal game. So when I finally got my XBOX only last year one of the games I bought was Fable: The Lost Chapters.

I went into this game not knowing what to except. This is one of my favorite games of all time. Yea it has it's flaws like every other game out there. When playing it I wished that you could have kids and watch them grow up with you but I looked past that and throughly enjoyed the game or chose being a girl and see how the story played out. Now I have to find a job, buy a 360 and save up for Fable 2. I have a feeling I am going to be broke thanks to college and gaming.
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