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Sonic Unleashed Trailier HD and my impressions.

I know Jim Sterling already posted this video, but it was a rather low quality Youtube vid.

Here's a higher quality one with a link below it for the HD version(cuz G4 doesn't want other sites embedding their HD trailers):

HD Link

First thing to notice is that the song used in the trailer is titled "Endless Possibility", and features Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup, not anyone from Blink182 like i guessed it was earlier. Christiangamer, you win for guessing it was Bowling for Soup in the comments or Jims post.

Now, knowing this information even more, I believe that its the main theme song for the game. I don't mind it as such, as long as it doesn't get the "Seven Rings in Hand" treatment(being used for everything).

I'm not going to go into the standard fare running gameplay other than it looks awesome and fast.

Some would say it looks like it's "on rails" though...

Now for the Wereform segments. I have to say, I'm a little surprised at them. I know I've been saying that those segments look like Dynasty Warriors:Sonic The Hedgehog Edition, but after getting a better look at some more of the footage shown during the "4-camera" segments, I gotta say, I'm impressed by them.

Dynasty Warriors:Sonic The Hedgehog Edition

The trailer shows sonic fighting a(a few?) mob(s) of enemies that (aside from a few) all look the same. That is why I was reminded by Dynasty Warriors. From the trailer, it can be seen that were-Sonic can perform attack combos(or atleast a few different moves). It is not known though how complex the combo system is.

I can has target!

Were-Sonic has lock-on. I don't know how this would effect gameplay, but it may be related to...

Sorry if it may be hard to see. Sonic is spinning around throwing an enemy.

...were-Sonic throwing enemies. He is shown spinning around with an enemy in hands using it to mow down other enemies in the mob before throwing it into a wall. This leads me believe that maybe the combat will have *gasp* depth(or at least be different than Dynasty Warriors).

The trailer also shows of some of were-Sonic's acrobatic side. This kind of reminds me of Prince of Persia or Assassins Creed, as Sonic is seen jumping between two poles and climbing on ledges on a wall.

Considering that this seems like they're all from one level, I'm hopeful. There certainly seems like there is room for a wide array of platforming and acrobatic elements that could be utilized when he is in this form that couldn't be utilized in his normal form without breaking the flow of gameplay.

So I'm hopeful, and growing more excited at how this game appears to be shaping up. The fast running sections really look fast, and appear to live up to previous Sonics(the good ones I mean). Admittedly, the were-Sonic sections seem to move slower than the running sections. He DOES run slower, but the sections seem more involved(possible deeper), and hopefully they provide a nice break in pacing where too much speed could be tedious.

-Screenshots taken from E3 2008 Trailer, which was provided by G4
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