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E3 Big 3: A Resounding "Meh."

Where do I start? How about this, where the heck are the new titles? Sure there were a few announcements like God of War 3 and Animal Crossing: City Folk, but who DIDN'T know either of those were coming? What about new IP's? I can't think of anything totally original that hadn't already been shown or announced that got me excited.

Let's just start with the press conferences.

Boring. Plain and simple. You lost Final Fantasy XIII as an exclusive (not that I didn't lose interest in the series enough in the LAST generation) and gave NOTHING in return. Resistance for the PSP? Yawn. God of War 3? Seen it. Now, am I saying that either one of these games couldn't turn out to be awesome? Of course not! I loved the first two GoW games, but come on! I would have taken a new Legend of Dragoon game (actually I would have loved that), I would have taken anything! But still... There were no surprises here... Move along...

Oh Nintendo... What has happened to you? I waited to hear about your new hard drive solution or that new game for "hardcore" (whatever that means) game that you've been talking about, but I received neither... I know that E3 isn't over yet, but still... My childhood can't hold you afloat forever. However, I am very excited about Animal Crossing and the potential of the new Wii peripheral. Still though, I was NOT impressed by the campy way it was presented. What about some DS love though, huh? The only thing I really heard about was GTA: Chinatown Wars. However, like I said, E3 still isn't over. I'm still holding out hope for you Nintendo, don't screw me over... Please?

Microsoft did a decent job I must say! However, just like before, where were the new IP's? I saw lots of sequels and games that have been announced before, but no big surprises. Ah well, at least they're trying to break out of the "shooter box" mold with the new setup of Xbox-Live, more genres, and a WHOLE LOT more RPG's. Good job, not amazing, but good. I'm glad to see someone is willing to branch out a bit.

There's never been a better time to be a retro gamer, because there's nothing new to see here. I want more innovation from this industry, I want developers to give me something new. I've been hearing about the majority of these games for YEARS now, not months, YEARS. Maybe that's why not much got announced this year, so that it can all be held off for the future, but it's still frustrating. I was glad that the majority of these games are coming out before the next E3 though. I was also glad to see Mega Man 9, Star Ocean, Fable 2, and RE5 represented accordingly. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great. It was a resounding "Meh." i still hold out hope for the rest of E3 though, it wouldn't be the first time that developers have waited until the last minute to bust out the biggest news.
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