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E3 2008: Rating the Presser - Sony

So are Sony up against the ropes or leaving Microsoft in the dust? Based on their E3 performance its hard to argue against the latter.

Exclusive after exclusive after exclusive. Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, God of War 3, Infamous, SOCOM, DC Universe Online and the highly promising MAG make Sony's exclusive line-up extremely formiddable on the PS3 alone. Adding in the PSP exclusives of Patapon 2, Loco Roco 2 and Valkyria Chronicles AND the PSN download exclusive of the new Ratchet and Clank Future game makes Sony a serious force.

Remember, FF13 is still coming out on the PS3. Though the hilarious fanboy rage on the Playstation.Blog might lead you to believe otherwise.

Final Games Score

A vast array of exclusives craps on Microsoft's 3 (Gears 2, Infinite Undiscovery and Fable 2).

Nothing major here, having anime on the movie store is going to give Sony a slight edge but it all depends on whether with movies and TV shows around Sony can keep the PS Store region free. Gran Turismo TV will also put some distance between GT and Forza when the 3rd iteration of the latter rolls around.

Final Hardware Score

Good stuff there, but it remains to be seen whether its implemented to its full potential.

Having the 80Gb PS3 launching at the same price as the 40Gb is a pretty damn decent way of doing things, whether it'll put the required pressure on the 60Gb 360 is doubtful however.

Final Surprises Score

Nothing really major there.


That alone would've made this score high, but with Jim Motherfucking Lee doing one handed push ups? That was awesome.

Final Showmanship Score

Unexpected style there, combining LBP gameplay with the normally extremely dull stat attack made this presser a lot more watchable than either of the competitiors.

Final Score

Sony shook off the loss of a big exclusive by reminding everyone that they still had quite a lot of exclusives. So here's how I think the big 3 did.

In Summary
Nintendo fell flat on their ass quite frankly, they have to be seriously careful not to get overconfident by taking their success for granted.

Microsoft had a solid showing but appeared to be hanging a lot of hope on their next dashboard update and Final Fantasy 13. That said they had a lot of good stuff in that dashboard update to silence the people who weren't expecting fireworks.

However Sony did exactly what they had to do, remind everyone that even without the FF13 exclusive they had more than enough original IPs and exclusive series' to survive.

Microsoft and Sony provided exactly what they had to, presentations that renewed confidence in their current platforms and plenty of reasons to entice new owners in. However while I can't pick a clear winner from those 2 its very easy to pick a clear loser. Nintendo could've stolen E3 from the others with a few simple announcements from their exclusive franchises they chose to rely on the games that no-one in their core fanbase are excited by, let alone that storage solution that the Wii desperately needs.

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