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E3 2008: Rating the Presser - Nintendo

I feel many things right now, disappointment, anger but most of all betrayal. I've stood up for Nintendo a lot recently but this was not the E3 performance we were promised.

Shaun White's Snowboarding, Call of Duty and Star Wars: The Clone Wars appear to be all the 'hardcore' have to look forward to from an E3 that was supposed to be about winning back those long term Nintendo fans. Only a sequel to Wii Sports and Wii Music along with a sequel to Pokemon Ranger and the new (non-MMO) Animal Crossing made up the 1st party announcements. Where was the new F-Zero, Pikmin or Pilotwings? Where was the much rumoured Kid Icarus or indeed anything to even slightly raise the heartrate and excitement of the people who have been around since the NES?

Final Games Rating

Wii Music looks interesting but that was it.

MotionPlus does look like it could provide what the Wii was always expected to do, but whether its meant as a genuine way to produce a good sequel to Red Steel or just a cynical attempt to shift Wii Sports Resort remains to be seen. The possibilities are certainly rather enticing it must be said.

Final Hardware Rating

MotionPlus has a lot of potential, but for now that's all it is.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Rage sounds like it could really be a game the DS needs to move it forward, it also wasn't something I was expecting.

Final Surprises Rating

Only the second GTA game on a Nintendo system, but it was the only one.

Reggie and Cammy playing Wii Sports Swordfighting has the potential to go down as one of the all time greatest E3 moments, but Miyamoto and co playing the Mario theme in Wii Music was downright hilarious.

Final Showmanship Rating

Its always been Nintendo's E3 strong suit and they maintained their style.

Final Score

They had the style, but struggled with the substance. A giant disappointment.

Next Conference
Sony get their chance to fire back after Microsoft's nuke in about 2 hours.

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