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The Dreamcast: A collection

Well hello it's been a while :o

Afore I mentioned that I have a decently sized collection, far from small but nothing amazingly monsterous like a lot of others I've seen. But in anticipation for something that should be finished within a week or two, I figured I'd show a couple shots of my dreamcasts.

I should explain, the dreamcast is my absolute favorite console (with the n64 in second). It was awesome and amazing, and also had the loudest most broken sounding disc reader ever :| Right after I bought my first dreamcast and popped in Skies of Arcadia (the first game I bought for the DC, the reason I bought a DC) I ran and turned it off cause I thought I got a busted one and thought it was doing horrible horrible things to my precious Skies disc 1 ;p

But I get sidetracked too easily, to go back I absolutely fucking love the DC, it's amazing to me and I have no idea why so many people hate on the controller :| I love the controller... I'd go into the reasons why I love it, but it's late I don't feel like it and I don't want to start a flame war.... Right well here's the shots! ;p


Well to start! My original DC (and a black sports edition one I got later)

I had thought my original one had broken and gotten a replacement from a friend, but trying it 2 years later when I found it in my basement it magically worked. Yet somehow at the same time the power button in the replacement I got broke, same time and all. Weirded the crap out of me cause the actual button on the inside had snapped in half and I found out it worked and it broke within the same hour, and I had used it yesterday!

Magical stuff goes on in my basement in regards to games ;p But I'll have that story for sometime later ^^

The replacement

I have since opened it up and replaced the snapped power switch.


Craptasticly gold painted one, thinking about repainting it myself silver.


My favorite, but soon to be 2nd favorite, then 3rd :P


And this o_0

Well that's all! ;p will post pics of the special project when it's done ;)
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