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The Wii MotionPlus: A damn good thing for Wii owners


Yesterday Nintendo made a surprise announcement right as Microsoft's E3 keynote presentation was kicking off. I am of course talking about the new Wii Motion Plus, which purportedly will give game developers the option of allowing us Wii owners true 1:1 movement in our games.

So what could be the problem here? The first thing I've noticed is a lot of comparisons to other add-ons, and the idea that some poor kid is going to pop in his new Zelda game (specifically designed, mind you, to work with this new MotionPlus thingy) only to find that he needs an attachment he doesn't own. While this take on things certainly is a realistic outcome, I doubt it will happen.

If Nintendo is smart, and I think they are actually pretty fucking smart, they'll package this fucker in with a AAA title of some kind. To be completely honest, I would hope that we'll see a surprise Zelda game today at the company's keynote. A true 1:1 Zelda game would be amazing, or at least it has the potential to be amazing. Of course it could also be a monumental failure, implementing a totally new and different gameplay mechanic like that to the tried and true but admittedly somewhat stale Zelda formula. Still, it would be great to see Nintendo take some chances with it's biggest franchises.

But anyway, enough of my fantasies and delusions. Back to real life. Hopefully they will indeed be packaging the Wii MotionPlus with a good game of some sort, something that has guaranteed market penetration. This way it finds it's way into the hands of more consumers and in turn will find more support from 3rd Party Developers and even Nintendo itself.

We've always wanted true 1:1 control in our Wii games; After all, I think it's what most of us imagined when we signed up for our purchase of the console, even though nobody was sure it was doable on the system. We weren't sure, but we could always hope. Now that Nintendo has admitted that the technology we got isn't up to snuff, it will be interesting to see how they remedy things. Hopefully they'll do the right thing.

With that, I'm off to bed, to dream of a land where God of War 3 is on my computer screen being played by some game developer, and it's gorgeous and amazing, and Kratos rips people in half in glorious 1080p HD.

Also, 1:1 Zelda.

I can dream, right?
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