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Metal Gear Solid 4: Acts IV-Epilogue (Review)

So after some procrastination and a realization that my upcoming Paralegal night school program is going to slice into my gaming time like a hot knife through Hot Pockets, I sat down and finished off Metal Gear Solid 4 late last week. Readers, please be aware the SPOILERS might lie ahead, so do not read any further unless you have completed Metal Gear Solid 4.


Act IV: This was my favorite segment of the game. Perhaps it was the opening, which took a segment from Metal Gear Solid from the PSX to instigate nostalgia in old-school fans of the series. Maybe it was the choice of "The Best Is Yet to Come" end music from the first game once you play in the high-res remake setting of Shadow Moses. The nostalgia, perfect balance of brief cut-scenes and brief gameplay, and awesome ending fights make it the highlight of the game for me.

Act V: As the fifth act does in a stage play, the fifth act in MGS 4 manages to wrap things up with a few final boss fights and a lot more exposition. The last series of boss fights against Ocelot were nice in a retro way. I wish the game would have ended after the ending of Act V right when it goes to the brief "fake out" credits-- Snake shooting himself while the rest of the "new generation" of heroes celebrate felt so much more satisfying than the too-tidy epilogue.

Epilogue: I understand MGS series creator Hideo Kojima promised MGS 4 would tie up all the loose ends and this Epilogue resolves that, but it does so in a way that feels like a cheat. Sometimes it is better to leave things unknown than explain everything. The end of Act V just crystalized things so well for me that most of the Epilogue was kind of a let down. Perhaps if I had beaten all the previous games in the series I would have enjoyed the Epilogue more.

As a whole, I enjoyed MGS 4, but had the most problems with Act III. Was it a computer game that made me cry? No. Has a computer game made me cry...

That's a topic for another blog post...
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