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I wasn't aware Squaresoft decided on console dominance...


OK, so everybody's obviously heard all the big news today about Final Fantasy 13 coming to the Xbox 360. Now, what's not so damn obvious is where things go from here. Of course, as is customary in the land of the internets, rampant blogging has been taking place, mostly declaring some kind of victory for Microsoft here, as if they've just stolen the damn plans to the Death Star.

Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Seriously, that shouldn't even be a topic of discussion. If you really think for one minute that this is going to ruin Sony for good, you're wrong. Who the fuck are we kidding here? This isn't the 90s all over again, and if you stop and think about it, it's not even that similar to when Sony stole Final Fantasy 7 from Nintendo. That was a vastly different time for gaming. Final Fantasy 7 was a groundbreaking game at the time of it's release, something gamers had never seen before. It rode a hype train all the way to mass market success in America, something no other Final Fantasy title had done to that point.

And if you take a look, no other has really done it since. Final Fantasy is still the king of console RPGs, but in America it's nowhere near as big a deal as one might think. Certainly not big enough to turn the tides of the so-called "console wars". The games may sell 2 million copies at best in America these days. Nothing like the days of selling 4 or 5 million copies of Final Fantasy 7, a game many of my friends even bought back then. It's funny how many of them bought it based on the marketing they saw for the title, only to be taken aback when they realized they had to use a fucking menu to play the game. Of course, I personally enjoy menu-based games, but the average mainstream gamer does not usually. They prefer to kill people by pressing buttons, and they'd like to see it happen in real time.

Of course, the series is still quite popular overall, so it's definitely not a good thing for Sony. They do appear to have Final Fantasy Versus 13 exclusively on their console, for now, but things could change. And of course they still have their own conference in the morning, so we'll have to wait and see what they've got in store. Playable God of War 3 will make me forget all about Final Fantasy and Square, personally.

But that's just me. Either way, I don't see this being a big ass deal in the end. I truly think it is definitely possible for all 3 console manufacturers to be successful at the same time. And as an owner of all 3 consoles, I could give a rat's ass what console gets what game in the end.

I just want to play them.
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