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Spider-man Web of Shadows

First impression based on 2 short videos, and my own wishful thinking

After seeing this video on xbox live, I have to say I was tingly in my nether region. Spider-man video games have been alright thus far - excluding Friend or Foe, not sure what they were going for there...

But, as far as other-media-based* games go, they haven't really been that bad - Spider-man 3 could have used a little less button-sequencing for every cut scene, but on the whole, not bad, considering.

Ultimate Spider-man was definitely an interesting approach to the series in the video game world, giving you the feel of actually playing the comic book with its stylized art and intriguing gameplay. I would even go so far as to say Spider-man 2 was a decent, fun game. Free-roaming Spider-man, set loose in New York city to do missions, websling to your hearts content, all without necessarily following the storyline of the movie too precisely. Also, narration by Bruce Campbell doesn't hurt any.

It really seems like the comic book franchises are getting their dirty little hands in just about everything now - at least it seems like they're really upping the stakes, now. Assuming they get the voice acting, writing, and story down, this game actually seems like it might be doing a few things right. The second video I watched, a teaser trailer, hints at multiple endings, and various choices to decide the outcome instead of an otherwise linear storyline. This seems to be all the rage with a lot of games, and usually works out alright, as long as they actually give you options like they promise.

This one may be short one order of Bruce Campbell, but if they can break away from the movie story lines and unleash Spider-man in his own, I will be more than happy to don the Spider-suit on behalf of my favorite superhero and lay down some hours on this one. I'm normally one to hold off on something until I've actually experienced it. But, I am holding my breath for this one, almost as much as the upcoming Ghostbusters game. My geek is showing.

Now, imagine me only using entirely too many -'s for one blog.

*referring to (terrible) movies, the Ultimate Spider-man series, and a few things that seem to be borrowed from the '90's cartoon.
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