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A Somewhat Eccentric Guy's Top Ten -- Worst Robot Masters


“Uuaauh, I’m a frog…” I think the black power ranger said it best when the rangers were getting their new zoids in the original Power Rangers movie. All his friends got cool animals like wolf, bear, and falcon while Adam gets stuck with the frog. Then the chick that gave them out tried spoon-feeding him crap about how frogs can become princes and are great. Well guess what? The bitch lied. Frog robots/zoids suck. I know what you’re thinking. Frogs != Toads. Yes, but toads are just uninspired versions of frogs anyway so they just suck more by association. Still don’t believe me? Just watch Toad Man in action:

There are no questions about it. Toad Man is absolute crap. The min-frogs in Bubble Man’s stage had a better chance of killing you than this guy. Even his weapon is pointless. Seriously, the Rain Flush? Stand still for a few decades Mega Man while I slowly corrode the life out of you. Toad Man, you are truly a worthless piece of scrap metal.


That concludes my list of Top Ten Worst Robot Masters. I won't be making a habit out of list making, I'm no Excremento, whose articulation and dedication far exceeds my own, but it might be fun every now and then. Here's to hoping that the likes of the Mega Man IX cast avoid joining the ranks of this list, although the sounds of Plug Man and Splash Woman do concern me. But that shouldn't be a problem as long as Plug Man isn't the type of plug that first comes to mind and Splash Woman's stage is designed like a kitchen and her special ability is making me a sammich! I kid, I kid... Let's see some good stuff at E3, Capcom!
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