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Gamers: Did we forget to grow up?

This week, as you may or may not know, is the launch of The Dark Knight, and like many others I have been counting down(2 days 18 hours), taken the day off work and will be seeing the first screening I could get tickets for. Now obviously, I have been asked by MANY people why it is so important to see that first screening, why can't I just wait to see it that night? And I thought to myself, I wanna see it now dammit! the soonest I can see it I will... But I'm not the only one thinking like this, I said, my friends are all going for the midnight launches in the states. And then it hit me... only my "nerd friends" as my girl friends from high school so lovingly call them, are as excited as I am.

Now many of you probably get the same thing but my family and friends are constantly telling me I need to grow out of all of this stuff, and that video games are for children. And the two things combined, an obsession with "toys" and a lack of patience, begs the question, has a part of us forgotten to "grow up"? At what point did other people start thinking, "oh I'll get that in a couple of weeks" or "oh yeh that movie looks pretty cool, I might try and see that", and we stayed in the frame of mind of "I must get that game as soon as it comes out" or as I like to call it the Veruca Salt syndrome.

I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW!..... sound familiar?

We've all done it, gone to a midnight launch or at 9am to be one of the first to get our hands on our game of choice, but why? Please dont think I'm criticising, but the question begs to be asked, why must everything be so childish about it. Think of it this way, how many times has a release date been pushed and the first thing that happens is a flood of angry blogs about how useless the game developers must be and so on and so forth. After babysitting for many years, I noticed that this is strangely familiar to another scenario, a child is told they can't have something and what do they do? They drop to the floor, kicking and screaming, bawling their eyes out until they get what they want or tire themselves out(or have the living shit beaten out of them if they have shitty parents). And how many times have we heard about violence at midnight launches, or people lining up for hours or even days on end to be the first people to get it? Are we all just children throwing tantrums but with the means of money, writing skills and a lack of a curfew? Is the video game industry just another excuse to stay a kid for some of us?

Now all this said, I am not going to change, I love the idea of getting games early and being the first to have something, but this had just been on my mind and wondered if anyone else had noticed the similarities. The next time someone asks you if you're going to a midnight launch or anything like that, ask yourself, if a 5 year old was in your situation, what things would he do differently?
Oh yeah, he might goto bed once he got home because he has school the next day.

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