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A Cast Of Thousands: The Figaro Brothers.


Final Fantasy 6 (Or 3 for some of you jerks out there) isn't just a good game. It's a GREAT game. In fact, it's my 3rd favorite game of all time, behind Chrono Trigger and Ocarina of Time. Now you may be saying, "But Ryu, why don't you do a monthly musing on a character from those games instead?", and I asked myself the same question, but I had trouble sitting down and writing something for a single character from that games, because even though the experiences in those games are tighter, final fantasy 6 has the best character roster of any RPG or game out there in my opinion. I even had a problem picking just one character from the game, because I couldn't tell you who I like better, Edgar or Sabin, because their both just so badass. Here's an example of their badassery... Sabin can suplex a ghost train, while running at the same speed as said train in front of it...

and Edgar has a chainsaw.

He uses a cavalcade of other tools that he finds over the span of the game, but the Jason Vorhees mask just makes this the most badass thing ever. However these thing alone do not merit why they are the most memorable RPG characters to me. It's the tale of a kingdom split between the two twin brothers, both of which do not want to be king. So they flip a coin to see who takes over, and Edgar, being a caring brother, rigs it so that he loses the match so that his more impressionable brother may go out and see the world for himself and deal with the death of their father in his own way. Sabin goes on to train in the martial arts and Edgar becomes a wannabe ladies man who uses a chainsaw, of course. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think that I've always enjoyed this story because it makes me think of me and my brother, and I just always enjoy watching these two characters. They are in my opinion some of the greatest ever, and they are ALWAYS in my party whenver I play.

Hope you enjoyed this first attempt at a blog, and hopefully I got more to come in the future.
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