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A short rant on the homophobic response to Captain Rainbow


Captain Rainbow the game we have all been begging for. A brand-new Nintendo IP with a superheroes and quirky story and tons of fan service with throw back to Birdo and the rest of the forgotten NES gang. Sounds great doesn't it? One "problem" though, the name. It would seem that people have already decided upon this game just by seeing the name. I was expecting if anything people yelling about the art style but instead I find people condemning it for it's name . Let me just paraphrase some of the responses I've seen thus far.

I couldn't buy this game and look at my friends

My friends would joke on me to no end if I bought it

Way to go Nintendo, Just what we needed a gay character

This just proves that 40% of Niintendo teams are gay

A cheesy Bi hero

JUST STOP. What the hell is wrong with these people. Why must we bash the game without even seeing it for more than a couple second of gameplay. At least two of the responses were from before the trailer was even released. If I recall correctly, Rainbow usually represent peace, calm after a storm, new beginning. In the past couple decades did rainbows started being used on LGBT flags and even then..........SO WHAT?! I honestly don't understand this hate you're identifying the damn color spectrum as a expression of sexuality. So please before you go and hate on this unique game and clam that it will hurt your "image" if are to purchase it. Stop and think do we really need create a pregidous against the reflection of light?

(Note: most of the responses were not found on dtoid, thank God)
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