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Great news for Mellow.

I'm not new to Destructoid, but this is my first blog entry.

I have my own blog over here.

So, I've been in talks with a local grille for the past couple weeks. Yesterday was the
beginning of seeing my plan come to fruition. Good news for Atlantans!

Soon, Atlanta will have regular game tournaments for Wii and 360 games. No, I don't hate
the PS3. (I have one and love it.) But, the restaurant/bar probably doesn't want to invest that
much until the idea kicks off.

Starting in a few weeks, we're going to have our first tournament. If any Dtoiders are
residing in Atlanta, check back soon for the details. I'll be posting the place, time and games.
It's going to RAWK.

It's free. Sorta. The tournament is free, but you have to at least contribute to the restaurant
like eat some food. I'm assuming you'd do that anyway...
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