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Horror day turned into lucky day thanks to toystore

Sometime you just wish you hadn't woken up...

I get up, get on my bike to go to the bakery, first one: closed, on the way to the second one it starts to rain like crazy, turns out, its closed as well... K onto the third one... still raining like crazy, my jacket is so soaked that I'm feeling wet rain on my body everywhere... Third one: also closed... FUCK!

K of to the minimart to get some breakfast cereal then... there they only have sugarloaded-crap and since I'm forbidden to have sugar due to my reactive hypoglycemia, I can't get that... went back home, just one option left, drive the car to the supermarket, get there and since the bakeries are all closed today there's hardly any bread left, pick up some left over crap and go home...

I get home and my GF is trying out the demo of Top Spin 3 on 360 ( she's crazy about tennis ), the demo ends quickly and she's like " Damn wish we bought it the other day ", I'm like okay, lets go get it now, but since we heard nadal is only in the PS3 version, we decided to get that one so we can re-enact those crazy matches between them on wimbledon and Roland Garros...

We get to the gamestore, no more top spin 3 for PS3, FOR FUCK SAKE! We decide to check out the toystore in a last desparate attempt...

at first it seems as if they don't even sell PS3 games, then I find them, great they still have one copy of Top Spin 3, FINALLY...

we go to the cashregister and suddenly I see it, 2 bongo-sets for the gamecube, brand new, for just 8 € (11$) !!!!

that's a no brainer!

so now I feel super again! :-)

Thanks 'Fun' ( name of the store :p )

and as internet rules go: pics or it didn't happen, so here ya go:
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