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5 Things I’ve Learned from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


5. Mr. Tyler has hot daughters and they clearly didn't get their looks from him.
I don't know if it's because I have the Wii Version or because I play the game when I'm really tired but he's a pretty scary man to look at. But at least he's not as scary as Super Jaw

...and yes, I said daughters.

4. I thought I like Aerosmith way more than I actually do.
Turns out the only song that I really enjoy by them is Dream On. The other is that song from Armageddon but whatever...

3. GH: Aerosmith is a genre of music rather than a nice sampling of everything rock.
Which sucks, plain and simple. I'm not saying the music sucks but I am saying that playing songs in the same vain of each other over and over again blows.

2. They actually ramp up the difficulty quite nicely this time around.
I can actually finish Hard in this game! Maybe they figured only old women would be playing this, so they went ahead and dumb the difficulty down a little so grandma wouldn't have a stroke trying to get past that stupid METALLICA SONG!!!! (I'm sorry, I'm projecting again)

1. If you're not a huge Aerosmith fan, this game isn't for you.
I'm sure everyone knew this but it can't be restated enough. I own it because my girlfriend loves Guitar Hero and we play it together. It's fun playing it with her but there's no way I'd play this game on my own. Save up your pennies kids and just get the gift that keeps on giving: Rock Band.

Actually, if you don't own anything but the Wii, you might have to settle for this. Hopefully E3 will bring some good news to you in monogamist console relationships.
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