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Behold! The Best Shirt In The World!

About 3 months ago I came up with an awesome idea for PAX. I decided to design a shirt that, when wearing it, would let everyone would know who I am instantly. So 2 weeks ago I followed through with the plan and last week, my shirt arrived in the mail.

Here's the front:

If anybody wants to steal my idea, this is the site I used. It's based out of Honk Kong so it's dirt cheap. Simply find a shirt you like and upload an image. Keep in mind that the larger the image, the better. My image was a vector so I made it as large as they allow which I believe is 1500x1500. If you're feeling crazy you can stick something on the back too. When you check out, use this coupon code: THY30 for %30 off the purchase. My shirt ,including shipping, cost less than $10. While you're there, browse the other stuff they have too. You can make custom flash drives and even a custom DS or PSP case.

Seriously, I want everyone at PAX running around with their avatar on their shirt. It just seems too epic not to.

Credit to Cutie Honey for the site and coupon.
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